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Mindfulness at Work

Studies by neuroscientist Richard Davidson have shown that people who practice meditation experience improved outlook and increased ability to pay attention; both assets in any work environment. I’ll introduce a simple breath-focused mindfulness practice, lead a 15-minute meditation session, and leave time for Q&A and sharing after the session. (30 minutes)

Private sessions for executives available. Longer sessions for groups available.

Choga (Chair Yoga) for the Office

Releasing the build-up of physical and mental stress during the work day returns people to their posts refreshed and happy and helps prevent injuries due to long hours in front of a computer. Chair yoga (aka “choga”) creates a “fresh start” feeling and builds team comradery. I’ll lead people through a part-seated, part-standing movement and breath sequence that can be done in whatever clothing they happen to be wearing (shoes can be kept on); no changing clothes or showering required. (30 minutes)

Yoga for the Office

This all-levels class can be done in a conference room and brings movement and breathwork right to your staff, removing the obstacle of having to leave and commute to a class at a studio. Tucked in right before or after business hours (or during lunch), a company-sponsored class helps foster an environment of healthy habits for everyone. My class is not-too-easy, not-too-hard and always has options for beginners and intermediate students. Participates change into athletic/yoga wear and bring their own mats; I bring a few extra mats, blocks, and music. (60 minutes)

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