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“Laura is an intuitive teacher who leads a mindful, creatively sequenced class. She always seems to know exactly when to remind me to breathe! Her hands-on adjustments are especially thoughtful; I've had several "oh that's what this pose is meant to do!" moments in her class." 

SKYE / photo editor / Manhattan

“Laura's down-to-earth, calming vibe helped me to be fully present and her teaching style was so supportive and without judgement I felt like I could explore all the goodness of each pose in exactly the way my body needed to. I would recommend her class to anyone who wants to do something amazing for their bodies and minds."

SARA / dog trainer / Upstate New York

"Laura is the yoga and meditation instructor the world needs! She brings deep empathy and a real sense of connection to her clients which elevates every single pose and asana. Laura's private instruction is highly tailored to the individual (my IT bands are grateful for her!) which makes practicing with her an ideal compliment to other physical activities, like cycling, running, and/or weight training. Her passion for yoga and her clear delight in helping others discover their own strength, flexibility and inner calm are infectious. That's part of why I love practicing with Laura—you don't just get physically realigned, but mentally, too."

A.T. / senior vice president / Brooklyn

"I really enjoy Laura's classes! She has both a calming demeanor and an attention to detail that has helped me advance my practice. And in addition to fun, creative, and productive classes, she is just an all-around lovely person.
I highly recommend!"

JENNIFER / associate research editor/ Queens

"As someone who is typically averse to yoga, I truly appreciated how warm, approachable, and welcoming Laura made the class. Not only was she exceptionally encouraging, she was very thorough in breaking down the moves and purpose behind them. I look forward to taking another class with her again soon."

SARA / senior editor/ Westchester County

“The class was awesome!  Good energy, wonderful setting.  I hope we can do it again. Thank you Laura!"

EMILY / non-profit director/ Brooklyn

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